Departmental Bulletin Paper 組立体操と集団行動に対する教育現場の認識と実施に関する研究
Study on Recognition and Enforcement of a Group Gymnastics and a Group Action

小川, 剛司  ,  杉森, 勇太  ,  林, 洋輔

66pp.37 - 48 , 2018-02-28 , 大阪教育大学
This study was aimed to investigate the recognition and actual condition of a group gymnastics and a group action at the practical education field. Survey was conducted by the questionnaire method for elementary school teachers and university students belonging to teacher's courses. As a result, affirmation of conducting a group gymnastics was the majority as far as assuring children's safety, and the aim of conducting a group gymnastics is to experience the enjoyment of gymnastics and the co-operation by doing a group gymnastics. Moreover, affirmation of conducting a group action is a large majority. The objective is not only to assure an efficiency and safety in education, but also to ensure a group work among children.

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