Departmental Bulletin Paper Interventionist Teamを通じた児童生徒の多層的教育課題への対応 ─アメリカ・コロラド州におけるELL児童生徒の事例からの示唆─
The Efforts for Supporting Students' Multitiered Educational Challenges by Interventionist Team: Suggestions from the Case of Supporting ELL Students in Colorado, U. S.

臼井, 智美  ,  照屋, 翔大

66pp.1 - 18 , 2018-02-28 , 大阪教育大学
This article analyzed the case of district support for ELL students in Colorado State for the purpose of considering the way to build a collaboration between regional educational administration office and school for supporting the foreign students with multitiered educational challenges in Japan. The case district, we presented it as A district in this article, have introduced Interventionist team since 2008 and it enabled the district offer early identification and adequate support to the individual student's multitiered educational challenges. In this case study, we clarified that district office excised strong leadership in evaluative framework of supporting students and professional development through hiring process of interventionists or building a collaboration between interventionists and teachers in the school. We also clarified these efforts were supported the advanced expertise and experienced of district office staffs.

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