Departmental Bulletin Paper 一遍とクザーヌス ─ (A↔Ā)=A の世界 ─
A Comparative Study on Religious Thoughts of Ippen and Nicholas of Cusa: With Special Reference to a World of “(A↔Ā )=A"

藤田, 裕司

66pp.85 - 98 , 2018-02-28 , 大阪教育大学
A comparison was made between two men of religion on their religious thoughts. One was Ippen, the founder of a Japanese sect of Pure Land Buddhism named the Ji Sect, the other was Nicholas of Cusa, an eminent theologian and philosopher as well as an able church politician in medieval Europe. They had similar opinions on life and death, time, religious tolerance, and so on, but there were differences in their views of body and spirit. In addition, a thinking pattern of “complicatio vs. explicatio" or “inclusion vs. expansion" based on the theory of emanation was characteristic of them. It could be said to be a key concept functioning as the framework of their religious thoughts. And a schema of “(A↔Ā)=A" found in the previous study on Ippen's dream could be just applied to it.

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