Departmental Bulletin Paper 三木清の生と死 ─聖の遍在(Allgemeine das Heilige)のもと時を生き死ぬ(zeitigen)─
The Life and Death of MIKI Kiyoshi: "Zeitigen" under "Allgemeine das Heilige"

山田, 正行

66pp.151 - 169 , 2018-02-28 , 大阪教育大学
Based on the study of NAKAI Masakazu and HANI Goroh, I disclose the meaning and significance that MIKI had made "zeitigen" and died by struggling with the dämonisch age for creating the future on the dimension of "Allgemeine das Heilige". This dimension correspond to B. Pascal's "Pensées" of "La distance infinie des corps aux esprits figure la distance infiniment plus infinie des esprits à la charité" that is the starting point of MIKI's thought and practice.

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