Departmental Bulletin Paper サッカー選手における有酸素運動能力が疲労時のパスの正確性に与える影響
The Aerobic Exercise Capacity of Soccer Player Affects in the Accuracy of the Ball Passing at the Prolonged Fatigue Phase

清水, 万輝  ,  高野, 綾斗  ,  井上, 功一  ,  榎木, 泰介

66pp.13 - 20 , 2018-02-28 , 大阪教育大学
This study examined whether ability of aerobic exercise in soccer player gave the influences in accuracy of the ball passing at the prolonged fatigue phase. After 39 college soccer players engaged in 12 minutes running test, we pick up 5 players from the top and bottom derive from the results of 12 minutes running mileage. The simulation protocol, produced the movement in the soccer game reported by Miyagi et al., were loaded as prolonged aerobic exercise. Before and after engaged in simulation protocol, the pass skill test was conducted to evaluate the accuracy of the ball passing rate. Then, we examined the change in the accuracy of the ball passing rate at the rest and fatigue condition. Regarding the pass skill test, there was no significant difference in the accuracy of the ball passing rate for the 12-minute running upper group and the lower rank group at rest condition before the simulation protocol was performed. However, at the fatigue phase after the simulation protocol, the accuracy of the ball passing rate was decrease only 0.7 ± 7.7% in the 12-minute running upper group, while was decreased -24.9 ± 8.5% in the lower group. The pass success ratio was greatly reduced in the lower group, showing a significant difference (P<0.05). At the pass skill test, there was no significant difference in the heart rate between the two groups both at rest and fatigue condition. On the other hand, the mean heart rate during the 45-minute simulation protocol showed a significantly higher value in the upper group than in the lower group (p<0.05). The high-aerobic 12-minute running superior group was able to judge and execute an accurate ball passing even during fatigue phase. In contrast, in the 12 minute running lower group, the accuracy of the ball passing was significantly decreased at fatigue phase. There was no difference in the heart rate during the pass skill test between the two groups, then it was suggested that the aerobic ability has an influence on the accuracy especially at the fatigue.

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