Departmental Bulletin Paper きょうだい間における精神的暴力の被害経験とトラウマの関連に関する研究
Association of emotional sibling abuse and traumatic syndrome

藤森, 和美  ,  篠崎, なつ美  ,  漆山, まみ  ,  土岐, 祥子  ,  松浦, 正一

9pp.63 - 81 , 2017-03-31 , 大阪教育大学学校危機メンタルサポートセンター
Sibling abuse is difficult to notice like spousal violence and violence between parents and children. In particular, there are few studies of sibling emotional abuse such as verbal abuse. We conducted the Survey of Victimization to analyze emotional sibling abuse among college students. The results revealed that 69.8% of the participants experienced emotional abuse from siblings. Furthermore, it revealed that more than half of the participants who experienced emotional abuse from siblings experienced physical abuse from them. We noted that the mental health level of the abused groups is lower than that of non-abused groups. Further, we noted that the more severe the traumatic syndrome, the higher the frequency of abuse episodes. Further research concerning sexual harassment and abuse among siblings needs to be conducted.

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