Departmental Bulletin Paper 中国天津市の書法教育を考える ─瑞景小学校の実例を中心として─
Considering the Chinese Calligraphy Education of Tianjin City in China Focusing on Ruijin Elementary School as an Example

出野, 文莉(張莉)

16pp.63 - 73 , 2017-03-31 , 大阪教育大学教科教育学研究会
Ruijing elementary school in Tianjin city is known as the school that teachers give children most excellent guidance about Chinese character's calligraphy in China. The way of thinking about the education of Chinese character's calligraphy, the environment for interesting Chinese character's calligraphy, the efficient instruction, the performance of Chinese character's calligraphy, those are more excellent than Japanese elementary school. The education about Chinese and Japanese character's calligraphy in Japanese elementary school is positioned as one of the subject of Japanese, is not recognized as the essential subject. It is recognized as the education for writing proportioned Chinese and Japanese character. Fixing the value as the art of Chinese and Japanese character is entrusted to the private group that educate calligraphy. When we consider the education of Chinese and Japanese character's calligraphy, at first we have to recognize that Chinese and Japanese character's calligraphy is the art of calligraphy, in the next place on the foundation of that thinking we have to build the environment for calligraphy in elementary school. About the education of writing Chinese and Japanese character, at first we have to start to rear the teacher that can write exactly Chinese and Japanese character's calligraphy. We further have to establish the substantial organization for the activating the calligraphy. After that we have to establish the collaboration of city and prefecture to open the competition of Chinese and Japanese character's calligraphy. In 2015 the students of Osaka Kyoiku University visited several educational equipments of Chinese character's calligraphy in Tianjin city. I hope they as the leader of calligraphy in the near future with reference to those experience contribute to the development of Chinese and Japanese character's calligraphy.

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