Departmental Bulletin Paper Relationship of total bone mineral density to leg lean mass -A comparison of young and middle-aged subjects-
全身骨密度と脚の除脂肪量の関係 -若年者と中年者の比較-

HAYASHIDA, Keiichi  ,  TAKEDA, Yoshihiro  ,  KATSUDA, Toshizo  ,  YATAKE, Hidetoshi  ,  AZUMA, Masami

64 ( 2 )  , pp.1 - 6 , 2016-02-29 , 大阪教育大学
The bone mineral density(BMD)is related to calcium intake, exercise and lean mass which is proportional to muscle amount. In this study, the relationship between total BMD and leg lean mass was examined, because leg lean mass might be affected mostly by walking, a daily exercise. The subjects were healthy 179 Japanese females(20-59 years old)and their total BMD and leg lean mass were determined by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry(DXA)device. The subjects were divided into two groups of young(20-39 years old)and middle-aged(40-59 years old)on the age of the subject whose total BMD was the highest. The correlation of total BMD and leg lean mass in each group was determined by Pearson. In young group, a weak positive relationship was found between total BMD and the lean mass of both legs. However, a quite weak positive correlation was found only between total BMD and lean mass of left leg and no correlation between total BMD and lean mass of right leg in middle-aged group. The results suggest that, on young person, an increase in leg lean mass, namely an increase in amount of leg muscle, leads to an increase in total BMD, which contributes to the prevention of osteoporosis. However, the relation between leg lean mass and total BMD is not clear on middle-aged person. More detailed studies are needed in order to make clear that relation.
全身骨密度は,カルシウム摂取量や運動量,除脂肪量 (筋肉量に比例) などに関連する。本研究では,日常的な運動である歩行に影響される脚の除脂肪量に着目し,全身骨密度と脚の除脂肪量との関連を調べた。対象者は健康な日本人女性(20-59歳)179名で,全身骨密度および左右脚の除脂肪量は二重エネルギーX線吸収測定(DXA)装置により測定した。全身骨密度が最大である対象者の年齢を境にして,対象者全体を若年者(20-39歳)と中年者(40-59歳)の2群に分け,各群における全身骨密度と左右脚の除脂肪量との相関をPearsonにより調べた。その結果,若年者では全身骨密度と左右脚除脂肪量に弱い正の相関が認められたが,中年者では左脚でのみかなり弱い正の相関が認められ,右脚では相関が認められなかった。従って,若年者では脚の除脂肪量を増加させること,つまり脚の筋肉量を増加させることが,全身骨密度を増加させることにつながり,骨粗鬆症の予防に寄与すると考えられる。しかし,中年者ではまだはっきりせず,今後のより詳しい研究が期待される。

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