Departmental Bulletin Paper 多様性に開かれた教師教育 ─チューリッヒ教育大学を事例として─
Teacher Education for the Diversity of the Children ─ In the Case of Zurich University of Teacher Education ─

中山, あおい

64 ( 2 )  , pp.59 - 67 , 2016-02-29 , 大阪教育大学
外国人や移民の人口が多いスイスのチューリッヒにおいて,学校の多言語化・多文化化が進むなか,「多文化学校における教育の質(Qualität in multikulturellen Schulen)を高めるためのプロジェクトが2007年より実施され,各学校にはプロジェクトを通して学校開発を担う担当教員が配置され,財政支援や教員研修が行われている。本稿では,多文化学校においてどのような教員が必要とされているのかを明らかにするために,プロジェクトの教員研修を担うチューリッヒ教育大学において,どのような教員養成や教員研修が行われているのか分析し,多言語・多文化に開かれた教師教育について考察する。
QUIMS (Qualität in multikulturellen Schulen) program has been introduced at the multicultural schools in Zurich since 2007. Not only the school is supported financially by the government, but also teachers are supported and advised by educational experts from such as Zurich University of Teacher Education. This paper focuses the teacher education at Zurich University of Teacher Education and analyzes its curriculum in order to find out how diversity of the children is dealt with. To begin with the standards and curriculum of the teacher training course are examined and secondly modules of “certificate of advanced studies (CAS)" for the so called QUIMS teachers are analyzed. It is pointed out that diversity is recognized from various perspectives in the teacher education. In the teacher training course the competency to deal with diversity is thought to be very important. In the modules of CAS diversity of children is more connected with school development, practices and supports for them, because QUIMS teachers are expected to play an important role in school development. In anyway diversity of children is described as challenge to schools. That is why both teacher training courses and modules of CAS are planned to offer not only knowledge but also useful practices so that the participants could make a bridge between theories and practices in the multicultural schools.

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