Departmental Bulletin Paper フィンランドにおける健康施策とスポーツ実践の実態について
The Health Policy and Sports Situation in Finland

松尾, 邦枝  ,  太田, 順康  ,  千住, 真智子

64 ( 1 )  , pp.69 - 80 , 2015-09-30 , 大阪教育大学
This is a survey on the sports situation in Finland from 21st February to 13th March in 2014. The first purpose of this research is to learn the health policy of Finland, known as a country with one of the most highly advanced welfare systems. The second is to give some implication to the improvement of the exercise habits of the Japanese by learning the maintenance of the Finnish sports environment. Finland is also one of the lifelong sports countries over 90% of the population of which are regularly doing a certain sport, at least once a week (Yamaguchi 2007). In Finland, life-related disease used to be as popular as it is in America, but some welfare improvement implements were put into practice for the purpose of a reduction of its national medical expense. It brought a sport promotion and an expansion and improvement of facilities, backed up mutually by its own historical and cultural background. Thus sports habits spread throughout people and now Finland has the largest number of people doing sports. In Japan the ratio is still estimated to be around 47.5% (in 2012), but in the near future there will be an improvement of exercise and sports situation with more easy-accessible general sport clubs, maintained walking roads and parks, and with more simple procedure to use public facilities.

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