Departmental Bulletin Paper 韓国における小学校社会科経済単元の授業実践に関する一考察 ─ソウル教育大学附属小学校での授業参観を通じて─
A Study of Class Practice about Economy Unit in Social Studies in Korean Elementary School ─ Through a Class Visit at Affiliated Primary School of Seoul National University ─

裴, 光雄

64 ( 1 )  , pp.1 - 10 , 2015-09-30 , 大阪教育大学
In Korea economy education has been carried out in earnest from the elementary education stage compared with Japan. It's clear from the contents of a curriculum and a textbook. Then, what kind of class is performed in the classroom actually? This paper is writing about a study of class practice on economy unit in social studies in Korean elementary school. It was considered through a class practice performed at attached primary school in Seoul National University of Education on May 23, 2014. Class time of Korean elementary school is shorter in 5 minutes than Japanese one. It's 40minutes. But The class has three activities and tackles the leaning problem. In addition, it's being teached about freedom of a career choice, consumer education and entrepreneur education by utilizing most advanced ICT. It was an excellent class practice of economy education.

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