Departmental Bulletin Paper プラトンの宇宙論と環境倫理
Platonic Cosmology and Environmental Ethics

山内, 友三郎

64 ( 1 )  , pp.67 - 79 , 2015-09-30 , 大阪教育大学
Western brave philosophers have started environmental philosophy and ethics, having been confronted with the environmental crisis in global scale. And they have, looking traditional Eastern views of nature with fresh perspectives, criticised Western modernism as the anthropocentric dominion theory. In this paper, my attempt is to base modern Western social ethics on the foundation of traditional Eastern views of nature, especially on that of Japanese Confucianism in Edo-era. The contents of the paper are as follows: introduction, the platonic cosmology, the difference between creation theory and generation theory, four causes and criticism on Platonic cosmology, from objective values towards nature-based order.

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