Departmental Bulletin Paper トラウマインフォームドケアにおけるケアの概念と実際

中村, 有吾  ,  瀧野, 揚三

7pp.69 - 83 , 2015-03-31 , 大阪教育大学学校危機メンタルサポートセンター
The care called Trauma-Informed Care(TIC) is spreading led by the United States. In this paper, we summarized the concept of TIC and the program practiced in the United States, and examined its problems for the purpose of introducing this care into Japan. In TIC, trauma was considered in Social-Ecological Model, and there were key concepts of "Trauma awareness", "Emphasis on safety", "Oppotunities to build control","Strengths-based approach". In child program, supporters who help survivors need to work on and collaborate with various resources like families, caregivers and managers. Finally, the problems for introducing into Japan were examined resouces, manpower and negative emotion.

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