Departmental Bulletin Paper 性犯罪被害児・者の実態とその課題 -民間被害者支援団体の調査結果を踏まえて-

大岡, 由佳  ,  野坂, 祐子  ,  中島, 聡美  ,  岩切, 昌宏

7pp.55 - 68 , 2015-03-31 , 大阪教育大学学校危機メンタルサポートセンター
In this study, in order to explore the challenges the reality of sexual crime victim assistance, a retrospective study was performed on a private victim support organization during the past five years. While 101 cases were as this survey has been applicable, more than 60% had been supported by the police request. The average age of victims was 18.8 years old. First, we discuss the problems of help-seeking of victims and how serious they are after crime. Secondly, we point out the importance of trauma knowledge especially for educators at when they have to treat children who are traumatized. Lastly, we suggest that ability and skill of city should be enhanced.

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