Departmental Bulletin Paper 大阪教育大学における必修科目である学校安全の授業評価について -平成21年度から5年間のアンケートを中心に-

小山, 健蔵  ,  大道, 乃里江  ,  白石, 龍生  ,  藤田, 大輔

7pp.1 - 9 , 2015-03-31 , 大阪教育大学学校危機メンタルサポートセンター
Osaka kyoiku University carried out curriculum revision in 2007, made the school-teaching basic subject "school safety" a required subject in the student who acquires a teacher's license. Therefore, during 5 years from 2009 to 2013, it was investigated after a lecture of "school safety". The investigation items were about attendance, about learning contents and field, and about the ability of the teacher. It was examined a tuition's evaluation of "school safety" and a change of the consciousness during 5 years, It was a good opportunity to think about school sahety by this lecture. The student evaluated very good when attended this lecture. About coutents and the field of the class, student was intersted and understood contents well and evaluated it to be able to put it on new knowledge and way of thinking. to lead to improvement of the security awareness and improvement of the ability for crisis response, and student evaluated that power to become a teacher.

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