Departmental Bulletin Paper 校内研修の実態と意識に関する小学校と中学校の比較 : 沖縄本島の小・中学校58校の教員を対象とした2016年度調査から
Comparison between Elementary and Junior High Schools on Actual Status of School Training : Survey for Teachers of 58 Elementary and Junior High Schools in Mainland of Okinawa Conducted in 2016

小林, 稔  ,  白尾, 裕志  ,  下地, 敏洋  ,  内山, 直美  ,  東江, 寛  ,  屋良, 徹  ,  名城, 尚人  ,  金子, 美芽  ,  比嘉, 利博  ,  Kobayashi, Minoru  ,  Shirao, Hiroshi  ,  Shimoji, Toshihiro  ,  Uchiyama, Naomi  ,  Agarie, Hiroshi  ,  Yara, Toru  ,  Nashiro, Naoto  ,  Kaneko, Mika  ,  Higa, Toshihiro

The purpose of this study is to show the actual status of the school training before specific measures by Japanese Ministry of Education are introduced into schools and grasp teacher’s consciousness to the school training. Subjects were selected randomly and questionnaire survey was conducted for 1,635 elemetary and junior high school teachers inmainland of Okinawa ,and 795 respondents (515 elmentary school teachers and 254 junior high school teachers, and 26 teachers are unclear) completed the questionnaire survey. The results show that teachers of elementary schools have more the number of class hours and time for the meetings compared to the counterparts. As a result of χ -square test, teachers of elementary schools have good results in question items such as “Being eager for the academic development,””Having reasonable evaluation criteria for checking the study results,”“ Deciding the research theme together,” ”Having a common understanding,” “Improving motivation toward teaching skills and help each other a lot,”“ Applying the school training for the classroom effectively,” and “Establishing the basic andfundamental knowledge and skills of children or students,” compared to that of their counterparts. Similarly, analytical results show that teachers of elementary schools have good results in question items such as “Clarifying the role sharing on the research organization,”“ Having leadership,”“ Having convenient circumstance for going business trip,” and “Insuring enough timeto conduct a research.” It has been said that the effects to improve the academic development in junior high schools are almost reached its limits. On the other hand, as compared to elementary school teachers on actual Status of School Training and the organization and the in-schoolworkshops, it is conjectured that teachers of junior high schools do not have good circumstance for self-growth as teachers fundamentally, but several points to be improved are suggested.

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