Journal Article Illustrated list of additions to the ichthyofauna of Yonaguni-jima Island, the westernmost island of Japan: 37 new specimen-based records from the island

Koeda, Keita  ,  Akita, Yuici  ,  小枝, 圭太  ,  秋田, 雄一

41pp.1 - 9 , 2018-02-07 , 琉球大学資料館 (風樹館) , Ryukyu University Museum, Fujukan
Previous surveys of fishes of Yonagunijima Island, the westernmost island of Japan, have recorded a total of 603 fish species (104 families). Field sampling was recently carried out at the island resulting in an additional 30 species recorded from Yonaguni-jima Island for the first time, plus a further 7 species now represented by voucher specimens, having been previously recorded from Yonaguni-jima Island only by underwater photographs. In addition, we have collected two adult specimens of Scarus rubroviolaceus Bleeker, 1847 (family Scaridae), as the species was available only as a juvenile specimen in previous reports. We have also successfully rereported with a fresh-colored specimen’s photograph of Pterois radiata Cuvier, 1829 (the family Scorpaenidae), which was previously recorded without any photographs. Color photographs of all these additional species are provided. The number of fish species from Yonaguni-jima Island now totals 633 (105 families).
先行研究により日本最西端の島である与那国島には104科603種が分布することが明らかにされていた. 2016年7月におこなわれた魚類採集調査により, 同島より新たに30種が採集された. また, 7種はこれまで水中写真による記録に限られていたため, 標本に基づく初めての記録となった. さらに, ナガブダイScarus rubroviolaceus Bleeker, 1847は幼魚に基づく記録に限られていたが, 今回, 成魚の標本が得られた. また, キミオコゼPterois radiata Cuvier, 1829は標本の写真が示されたいなかったが, 今回, 新たに標本が得られた. そこで, これら39種を鮮時の標本写真とともにリストとして報告した. 本報告により, 与那国島から記録された魚種は105科633種となった.

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