Departmental Bulletin Paper 沖縄県の離島・へき地における自然教育のための基礎資料の充実IX : うるま市藪地島の植物相
Enrichment of Fundamentals for Nature Education in Remote Islands and Places in Okinawa Prefecture IX : Flora of Yabuchi-jima Island, Uruma-shi, the Ryukyu Islands

佐藤, 寛之  ,  立石, 庸一  ,  齊藤, 由紀子  ,  天野, 正晴  ,  中村, 元紀  ,  杉山, 巳次  ,  Nakamura, Motoki  ,  Sato, Hiroyuki  ,  Tateishi, Yoichi  ,  Saito, Yukiko  ,  Amano, Masaharu

Yabuchi-jima Island is a small island close to eastern coast of Katsuren (Yokatsu) Peninsula of Okinawa Island.The vascular flora of Yabuchi-jima Island was studied to gather data which serves as a basis for nature education in remote islands.A total of 353 species, one subspecies, two varieties, and two forms of vascular plants of 96 families were observed in the wild state on the island, of which 242 species, one subspecies, two varieties, and one form were native.Among all identified species, Aster miyagii and Amitostigma lepidum were determined to be floristically noteworthy species because of their limited distributions.The distribution range of Aster miyagii was extended southwards to this island in particular. Dodonaea viscosa, which has been recorded in 1988, was not found on the island.The naturalized plants accounted for 31.3 percent of the total wild plants found on the island.

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