Departmental Bulletin Paper 観光の教育力の構造化に向けて
Toward Structuralizing for Educational Capability of Tourism

大島, 順子  ,  Oshima, Junko

8pp.73 - 86 , 2016-12-01 , 琉球大学大学院観光科学研究科 , Graduate School of Tourism Sciences, University of the Ryukyus
This article aims to structuralize for educational capability of tourism based on practical relationship between tourism and education. In this context, it attempts to examine a tourism education framework addressing three dimensions ; education in tourism, education about tourism and education for tourism. Education in tourism involves classic tourism education in hospital industry and school curriculum and educational tourism, such as any educational / learning tourist activity in school students' travel, excursion and adult study tours. Education about tourism includes knowledge of tourism as industry, the impacts and the management issues associated with tourism settings to understand tourism broadly. Education for tourism focuses on tourism activity to be responsible as both an individual tourist and any institutions for sustainability. Lastly a framework for Education for Sustainability in Tourism is introduced to review and guide discussion of education for Sustainability in Tourism further.

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