Departmental Bulletin Paper 沖縄こどもの国と連携した教職実践演習による学生の自己分析の変容 : 2014年度卒業生の場合
Evaluating the Quantitative and Qualitative Change of University Students Who Participated in the Practical Seminar for the Teaching Profession That Was Jointly Organized by the University of the Ryukyus and Okinawa Zoo & Museum : In the Case of 2014 Participants

吉田, 安規良  ,  中尾, 達馬  ,  Yoshida, Akira  ,  Nakao, Tatsuma

The purpose of this study was to reveal the quantitative and qualitative change of 12 university students who participated in the Practical Seminar for the Teaching profession,which included planning and managing school related special events,named “Dream Festival 2014" (which was held at Okinawa Zoo & Museum). We evaluated whether participants had enough ability and equipment as elementary or secondary school teachers in 4 ways: (1) the changes from pre to post section,(2) the relationships between self-other rating in the post section,(3) differences of scores among 2012,2013,and 2014,and (4) content analysis of free-description. Main findings were as follows: (1) 2014 participants did not evaluate themselves better in the post section than 2012 or 2013 participants, however,(2) Compared with pre section,they had confidence in their ability and equipment as teachers at the post section (e.g.,interpersonal ability,sense of mission and responsibility),and (3) Some other-rating indices were higher than self-rating indices in the post section. As a result of the qualitative analysis of the 3 participants who had different trends compared with other members of this sample,it could be suggested that the discrepancies between self-and other-rating offered good opportunities for late adolescents to consider th e next step of deeper self-understanding.

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