Departmental Bulletin Paper 課題遂行力アップセミナーの実践による自律学習支援 : SCATによる質的分析から見る参加者の評価

真島, 知秀  ,  Majima, Tomohide

We organized a learner-driven seminar of autonomous learning with e-Learning materials to support for autonomous learning of the learner, and analyzed the potential needs from the theorized SCAT technique for evaluating participants. As a result, the new style of cooperative learning has generated a sense of unity and the wavelength effect, as well as feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. Furthermore, it is also found that self-reflection is led by observing others. However, conducting autonomous seminar requires the prior confirmation of vocabulary, the style of proceeding by active communication, and cooperation of Japanese assistants. As a challenge, considering the role of Japanese assistant and constantly suggesting ideas for entertaining learners will be the key. Moreover, continuous research to the utmost level and accumulation of future data will support the diversified Japanese learners, such as verifying the actual increase of the ability of task competence and autonomous learning.

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