Departmental Bulletin Paper 占領期沖縄における慈善レベルの琉米関係 : アメリカ人神父がつくりだしたカトリック教会の政治的独立性
The American and Ryukyuan Charitable Relations 1945-1971 : How American Catholic Fathers Established the Political Independence

向井, 洋子  ,  Mukai, Yoko

(5)  , pp.45 - 60 , 2016-02-29 , 琉球大学国際沖縄研究所 , International Institute for Okinawan Studies
After the Cold War period, the American and Ryukyuan Relations has been mainly discussed concerning "rule - cover rule" for the occupation period. However, an American Father Felix Ley maintained political independency, and the Catholic Church of Okinawa performed propagation and social work. I follow the formation process of American and Ryukyuan Relationship at the charity level that Fr. Felix Ley built here historically and clarify the American and Ryukyuan Relationship of "friend" relations which existed in Okinawa for the occupation period. With that in mind, I discuss a variety of outlooks concerning the United States in Okinawa.

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