Thesis or Dissertation Cerebellar contribution to pattern separation of human hippocampal memory circuits

城間, 綾乃  ,  Shiroma, Ayano

pp.1 - 18 , 2015-10-06 , University of the Ryukyus , 琉球大学
The cerebellum is a crucial structure for cognitive function as well as motor control. Benign brain tumors such as schwannomas, meningiomas, and epidermoids tend to occur in the cerebellopontine angle cisterns and may cause compression of the posterior lateral cerebellum near the superior posterior fissure, where the eloquent area for cognitive function was recently identified. The present study examined cognitive impairment in patients with benign cerebellar tumors before and after surgical intervention in order to clarify the functional implications of this region in humans. Patients with cerebellar tumors showed deficits in psychomotor speed and working memory compared with healthy controls. Moreover, these impairments were more pronounced in patients with right cerebellar tumors. Functional magnetic resonance imaging during performance of a lure task also demonstrated that cerebellar tumors affected pattern separation or the ability to distinguish similar experiences of episodic memory or events with discrete, non-overlapping representations, which is one of the important cognitive functions related to the hippocampus. The present findings indicate that compression of the human posterior lateral cerebellum affects hippocampal memory function.

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