Departmental Bulletin Paper 観光と公共性の社会学 : 観光社会学の現代的再定位
Sociology of Tourism and the Public : current reorientation

越智, 正樹  ,  Ochi, Masaki

7pp.41 - 54 , 2015-12-01 , 琉球大学大学院観光科学研究科 , Graduate School of Tourism Sciences, University of the Ryukyus
This paper aims to reorient the specialty and the role of the sociology of tourism under the current situation of Japanese society. At first, through reviewing the previous trend of the sociology of tourism, we may find that so many literatures have been nothing but articles of sociology, merely whose subject is tourism. In contrast, this paper seeks a way to establish a conspicuous presence of the sociology of tourism as an essential discipline of the tourism sciences. To this end, it considers a relationship between tourism promotion and transformaion of the public. Through the consideration, it suggests its own operational concept of the public, and discusses that the role of the sociology of tourism is to build bridges between the private interest of tourism industry and the public from sociological aspects. To fill the role, the sociology of tourism should make researches about whether some tourism resource creation and commodification would lead to an activation of the public in the region or a declination of it. After those discussions, this paper offers specifics on the image of the sociology of the tourism as the practical science, which is both an empirical science and a normative science at the same time.

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