Departmental Bulletin Paper 沖縄島の陸水中ラドン濃度
Radon Concentration of Inland Water in Okinawa Island, Japan

富濱, まどか  ,  山入端, 茜  ,  古川, 雅英  ,  Tomihama, Madoka  ,  Yamanoha, Akane  ,  Furukawa, Masahide

(100)  , pp.1 - 4 , 2015-09-30 , 琉球大学理学部 , Faculty of Science University of the Ryukyus
As a part of study to estimate the background radiation level in Japan, radon (^<222>Rn) concentrations of inland waters collected from Okinawa Island, main island of Okinawa prefecture, were measured with a simple liquid scintillation counter. The radon is an alpha emitting natural radioactive element with half-life of 3.8 days originated from the decay of ^<238>U. The arithmetic mean± standard deviation of the concentration of subsoil waters collected at 29 points was calculated to be 23.1±6.3 Bq L^-1 Relatively high concentrations of 36 Bq L^ -1 and 43 Bq L^-1 were found in Motobu area, northwestern part of the island. Also the concentrations of ground water samples collected at 4 points in Gyokusen-dou, a limestone cave in the southern part of the island, were estimated to be ND (< 2.3 Bq L^-1) - 4.6 Bq L^- 1.

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