Departmental Bulletin Paper 琉球大学資料館(風樹館)のビオトープの淡水性貝形虫群集
Freshwater ostracode fauna from the biotope of the University Museum (Fuujukan) of the University of the Ryukyus, Middle Part of Okinawa Island, Japan

田吹, 亮一  ,  津波古, 幸乃  ,  Tabuki, Ryoichi  ,  Tsuhako, Yukino

The present paper reveals the seasonal change of the species composition and the population density of the freshwater ostracodes living in the biotpe of the University Museum of the University of the Ryukyus. The two sampling localities, A and B, are respectively situated in the pond in imitation of a rice paddy and in the pond as a reservoir. We intend to collect the ostracodes living on and in muddy bottom at the locality A, and the ones living on aquatic plants at the locality B. The ostracodes collected, which are thought to have lived at the time of collecting, are composed of 5 species, which are Physocypria nipponica and Ilyocypris dentifera as the mud dwellers, and Cypridopsis vidua, Tanycypris pellucida and Cypris suglobosa as the phytal species. The former two species are only found at the locality A. The decrease in the population density of the ostracodes in summer may be due to both of the high water temperature and the low dissolved oxygen concentration.

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