Departmental Bulletin Paper iPadで拓く英語教育1 : アルファベット文字の学習に資するアプリについての考察
iPad Apps for Teaching Young Learners the Alphabet : A New Horizon in Japanese English Education

東矢, 光代  ,  知花, 綾香  ,  Toya, Mitsuyo  ,  Chibana, Ayaka

(59)  , pp.47 - 65 , 2015-03-31 , 琉球大学法文学部国際言語文化学科(欧米系) , Department of Languages and Cultures Euro-American Studies Faculty of Law and Letters University of the Ryukyus
This paper introduces five promising iPad apps for teaching young Japanese learners the English alphabet. Since English instruction has become compulsory at the primary school level, the issue of when, where, and how the English alphabet should be introduced and reinforced is an essential issue for the Japanese education system. Secondary school teachers' role of assuring their students learn the alphabet is more important than ever, though effective continuity of English education from primary to secondary school is yet elusive. Under such circumstances, we found out that iPad apps could offer effective solutions via a touch-screen that learners write on. iPads are ideal for presenting the alphabet in connection with each letters' corresponding sounds as well as visuals that represent key words. Moreover, the autonomy iPad interfaces enable for users is motivating; for example, learners can choose the color of a letter or the degree of neatness required when writing the alphabet.

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