Departmental Bulletin Paper 相対性理論 : 物理学界はこれまでに何を証明してきたか?
Relativity : What has the physics world proven?

仲座, 栄三  ,  Nakaza, Eizo

(76)  , pp.1 - 5 , 2015-08 , 琉球大学工学部 , FACULTY OF ENGINEERING UNIVERSITY OF THE RYUKYUS
The year 2015 marks 100 years universally since Einstein has first proposed the general theory of relativity. Numerous experiments have been conducted by the physics world to corroborate Einstein's theory. Here the author shows that, instead, they have rather indicated erroneously in our interpretation of the theory of relativity. Einstein's theory of relativity states ”a clock in a moving system ticks slower than a clock in a stationary system.” And also that “clocks at a lower elevation show the time dilation to a clock at a higher elevation under a gravitational environment.” Contrary to this, all of them have shown exactly the same tempo is revealed. As a result, the commonly accepted concept that space should be strained due to gravity must be also denied. It is clear that the traces of light propagation have been observed as the curvature of space even though it should be indicated by a Cartesian coordinate system.

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