Departmental Bulletin Paper 琉球諸島における《シマクサラシ儀礼》の定期化説の検証
Verification Of Regularization Hypothesis Of The Shimakusarashi Ritual In The Ryukyu Islands

宮平, 盛晃  ,  Miyahira, Moriaki

(4)  , pp.79 - 91 , 2015-03-30 , 琉球大学国際沖縄研究所 , International Institute for Okinawan Studies
The Shimakusarashi has been widely observed in the Ryukyu Islands. This ritualistic performance can be divided into two groups according to the timing of the delivery: periodically regularized and irregular ones. This study examines the hypothesis that previous research suggested that regularization of the Shimakusarashi had been developed after the series of deliveries of irregular rituals because they tended to be performed in the event of epidemic to terminate the plague with prayer. According to the analyses of distribution and contents of the rituals in the region, the hypothesis is reasonably verified with certain process of the regularization of the ritual. However, it is also revealed that there certain possibility of emergence of the new types of periodic deliveries of Shimakusarashi rituals rather than being developed from irregular ones.

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