Departmental Bulletin Paper 楽しみのなかから生まれてくる<向かう力>と<受けとめる力>通級指導教室と特別支援学級の合同実践
The power to work on and to receive is born from enjoyment. : Joint practice of the regular class and the special support class.

崎濱, 朋子  ,  末吉, 麻紀  ,  内間, 貴秋  ,  武田, 喜乃恵  ,  浦崎, 武  ,  Sakihama, Tomoko  ,  崎浜, 朋子  ,  Sueyoshi, Maki  ,  Uchima, Takaaki  ,  Takeda, Kinoe  ,  Urasaki, Takeshi

(6)  , pp.75 - 87 , 2015-03-31 , 琉球大学教育学部附属発達支援教育実践センター , Practice Center for Education of Child Developmental Support Faculty of Education, University of the Ryukyus
Due to the fact that those students are affected by various environmental condition and school life, the teachers strongly hoped that they want to make the school life of children more enriched. Therefore, we have practiced "the importance of sharing the fun with someone" from Total Support Class, derived from Ryukyu University Development Support Education Center, as a playing-centered of group activities placed it a curriculum.

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