Journal Article Remote Coupled Drastic β-Barrel to β-Sheet Transition of the Protein Translocation Motor

Arata, Furukawa  ,  Nakayama, Shintaro  ,  Yoshikaie, Kunihito  ,  Tanaka, Yoshiki  ,  Tsukazaki, Tomoya

2018-02-01 , Elsevier
Summary The membrane protein SecDF, belonging to the RND superfamily, enhances protein translocation at the extracytoplasmic side using a proton gradient. Here, we report the crystal structure of SecDF in a form we named Super-membrane-facing (Super F) form, demonstrating a β-barrel architecture instead of the previously reported β-sheet structure. Through this structural insight and supporting results of an in vivo crosslinking experiment, we propose a remote coupling model in which a structural change of the transmembrane region drives a functional, extracytoplasmic conformational transition.

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