Journal Article Indolizino[5,6-b]quinoxaline Derivatives: Intramolecular Charge Transfer Characters and NIR Fluorescence

Kojima, Mitsuru  ,  Hayashi, Hironobu  ,  Aotake, Tatsuya  ,  Ikeda, Shinya  ,  Suzuki, Mitsuharu  ,  Aratani, Naoki  ,  Kuzuhara, Daiki  ,  Yamada, Hiroko

2015-07-21 , WILEY-VCH Verlag
Indolizino[5,6-b]quinoxaline derivatives (1 a and 1 b) with a push-pull structure were prepared to show intramolecular charge-transfer properties. Compounds 1 a and 1 b are strongly fluorescent in aprotic solvents while symmetrical derivatives (2?a and 2?b) were non-fluorescent. The π-expanded α-α linked dimer (10) of indolizino[5,6-b]quinoxaline 1 b was serendipitously obtained to show NIR absorption over 800 nm and the fluorescence edge reached to 1400 nm.

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