Journal Article Two different phase-change origins with chemical- and structural-phase-changes in C doped (1.5 wt.%) In3Sb1Te2

Lee, Y. M.  ,  Lee, S. Y.  ,  Kim, K.  ,  Sasaki, T.  ,  Ahn, D.  ,  Jung, Min-Cherl

2016-12-08 , Macmillan Publishers
We fabricated C-doped (1.5 wt.%) In3Sb1Te2 (CIST) thin films with amorphous phase (a-CIST) using a sputter method. Two electrical-phase-changes at 250 and 275 °C were observed in the sheet resistance measurement. In order to understand the origin of these electrical-phase-changes, all samples were characterized by XRD, TEM, and HRXPS with synchrotron radiation. In a-CIST, only weak Sb-C bonding was observed. In the first electrical-phase-change at 250 °C, strong Sb-C bonding occurred without an accompanying structural/phase change (still amorphous). On the other hand, the second electrical-phase-change at 275 °C was due to the structural/phase change from amorphous to crystalline without a chemical state change.

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