Journal Article Diminished Reality Based on Image Inpainting Considering Background Geometry

Kawai, Norihiko  ,  Sato, Tomokazu  ,  Yokoya, Naokazu

2016-03-01 , IEEE
Diminished reality aims to remove real objects from video images and fill in the missing regions with plausible background textures in realtime. Most conventional methods based on image inpainting achieve diminished reality by assuming that the background around a target object is almost planar. This paper proposes a new diminished reality method that considers background geometries with less constraints than the conventional ones. In this study, we approximate the background geometry by combining local planes, and improve the quality of image inpainting by correcting the perspective distortion of texture and limiting the search area for finding similar textures as exemplars. The temporal coherence of texture is preserved using the geometries and camera pose estimated by visual-simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). The mask region that includes a target object is robustly set in each frame by projecting a 3D region, rather than tracking the object in 2D image space. The effectiveness of the proposed method is successfully demonstrated using several experimental environments.

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