Journal Article Aggregation-induced scaffolding: photoscissable helical polysilane generates circularly polarized luminescent polyfluorene

Abdul Rahim, Nor Azura  ,  Fujiki, Michiya

2016-06-10 , The Royal Society of Chemistry
An enantiopair of rigid rod-like helical polysilanes (PSi-S and PSi-R) as a photoscissible scaffold enabled the production of circularly polarised luminescence (CPL)- and circular dichroism (CD)-active di-n-octylpolyfluorene (PF8) aggregates associated with complete removal by PSi-selective photoscissoring at 313 nm. PF8 revealed a considerably high dissymmetry factor (gCPL) of (2–5) × 10−3 at 435 nm due to the chiral β-phase of PF8 after the 313 nm irradiation.

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