Departmental Bulletin Paper 超高負荷軸流タービン直線翼列内の翼端漏れ流れの挙動

辻田, 星歩  ,  金子, 雅直

In this study, the computations were performed for the flows in an ultra-highly loaded turbine cascade (UHLTC) with high turning angle of 160 degrees in order to clarify the effects of the tip clearance size on the behavior of tip leakage flow and the associated loss generation. The computed results clarified that the loss caused by the tip leakage vortex was higher than those by the horseshoe vortex and the passage vortex. The increase of tip clearance size enhanced the separation of the leakage vortex from the blade suction surface, and consequently decreased the expansion ratio by the decrease of the cascade outlet flow angle.

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