Departmental Bulletin Paper 移流法による地盤の波動伝搬解析に関する定量的研究

中村, 圭佑  ,  吉田, 長行

Recently, the dynamic behavior for the ground has been studied actively from the view point of the waves. The finite element method (FEM) is known as effective and flexible method in this problem. If the FEM is applied to the wave propagation problem of infinite or semi-infinite elastic body, some numerical procedure is needed for the radiated waves not to reflect at the boundary of the analytical region. The advection equation can decompose the waves of the wave field into the out-going waves and in-coming waves. This study newly develops the non-reflected open boundary procedure of the FEM region based on this characteristic of the advection equation, which is numerically evaluated by the upwind difference method at each time step to perform the wave analysis in time domain.

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