Departmental Bulletin Paper 探究型学習プログラムに対するルーブリックによる評価の妥当性 : 児童の日常活動に対する保護者評価と学習活動に対するファシリテーター評価との関係

藤田, 哲也  ,  加藤, みずき

76pp.129 - 137 , 2018-03-13 , 法政大学文学部
This study confirmed the relationship between the evaluation of children’s daily activities(before and after the program was implemented by their parents) and the evaluation of the learning activities conducted by a facilitator. This study investigated whether the rubric for inquiry-based learning program for the elementary school children could reasonably measure their performance including their daily activities. The results revealed that the correlation between the pre-program evaluation and facilitator’s evaluation was not significant, whereas there was a positive correlation between post-program evaluation and the facilitator’s evaluation in several items. Therefore, the rubric helped to measure specific learning activities during the program, as well as general ability.

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