Departmental Bulletin Paper 言語心理学で何を学べるか? : 言語学との学問イメージ比較

福田, 由紀  ,  蘒原, 遥  ,  菊池, 理紗

76pp.115 - 127 , 2018-03-13 , 法政大学文学部
The present study exploratorily investigated the image toward psychology-of-language held by students who have learned the subject and those who have not, and compared it to the image that students held toward linguistics. We picked up 32 items that students can learn in psychology-of-language (16 items) and linguistics (16 items). A group of 172 university students were asked to select multiple items which they thought they could learn in psychology-of-language or linguistics. Participants were divided into 4 groups according to learning experience and academic discipline, and their images were compared by correspondence analysis. Results indicated that (1) students who have not studied either subject considered psychology-of-language as an academic discipline in which they could learn about some aspects of language, (2) they did not have a clear image of either psychology-of-language or linguistics, and (3) they thought they could learn less in psychology-of-language than in linguistics. On the other hand, the results also revealed that (1) students who have learned either or both subjects could recognize correct learnable items in both psychology-of-language and linguistics, (2) the items from psychology-of-language were contained in the image for psychology-of-language, and (3) those from both psychology-of-language and linguistics were contained in the image for linguistics. These results suggest that students who have learned psychology-of-language consider the subject as an academic discipline pursuing the laws that help us understand language activities.

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