Departmental Bulletin Paper 働く意識の強化と自己評価のパラドックス : インターンシップ学生のパネルデータの分析

酒井, 理

Three studies have revealed by the previous research. ① The value of students influences the effect of pre-education of internship programs. ② The higher the workload of the interns experience, the better the effect. ③ Interns experience affects the growing consciousness of insufficient work performance compared to consciousness to work.  Based on these research results, we worked to clarify the extent to which students' awareness of working increased and the motivation to learn increased over the course of the year.  The data in this paper is the panel data collected by 29 students. By analyzing quantitative information and qualitative information, the following facts were found. The current internship program has not been able to enhance motivation of students for learning at university.  It was found out that there was a paradox that the consciousness of work should be obviously strengthened, but it declined in response to the questionnaire data. I concluded that this is because students can calmly evaluate themselves and be able to objectively judge the high awareness for work.

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