Departmental Bulletin Paper キャリアカウンセリングの現状とその課題・今後への展望

宮城, まり子

 The Importance of Supervision System in order to develop and guarantee the quality of Career Counseling has not yet deeply recognized now in Japan. The training process of getting qualification of Career Counselor in Japan is limited only 140 hours(about 3 months) inhouse learning without real Career counseling internship. They are trained through only the few hours role playing in the class room. The qualified Career Counselors in Japan, generally start counseling to real clients without any supervisors. At the beginning, in general ,they have no confidence on their counseling and ask for advices and instructions. Unfortunately, we have no supervision system for Career Counselors and no qualified professional good supervisors.  This is a very serious problem for the development of Career Counseling in Japan. In order to solve this serious situation and develop the skill of Career Counseling, we should think some effective way of keeping and developing the level of Japanese Career Counselors. One of the solution is the Case Conference with Career Counselors in stead of supervision. They can study various counseling cases and be able to aware of their own counseling characteristics. Through case conference, they can share lots of skills each other, which they haven’t experienced before. This’ll be one of a effective training for development of their quality.

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