Departmental Bulletin Paper 法政大学二連望遠鏡の 遠隔観測システム構築と性能評価 ー全天スカイモニターの設計開発と 30 ㎝望遠鏡の性能評価-

木原, 直樹

A twin optical telescope consisting of a 30-cm reflector and a 13-cm refractor was installed in Koganei campus in March 2015. We have been constructing its remote observation system and carrying out anassessment of its performances. This paper describes the design and development of an all-sky monitor, which is a component essential to the remote observation, together with the results of some tests of the CCD camera performances including the bias and dark, flat fields, zero points of the magnitude, and system efficiency.Key Words : telescope, remote observation, all sky-monitor, CCD camera

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