Departmental Bulletin Paper 変異雑音フリー干渉計(DFI)重力波検出器のための能動防振システムの開発

大田, 翔史

Displacement noise Free Interferometer(DFI) is the gravitational wave detector which can cancel the displacement noise on the mirrors. Its cancellation ability has already been verified in the past experiments. However, there is an unexpected noise at low frequency on the DFI sensitivity, and it seemed to be seismic origin because of the behavior of the noise. In this study, we developed an active seismic isolation system to specify and mitigate this unexpected noise. The vibration isolation table is feedback-controlled, and the seismic noise on the table was measured in a stand-alone environment. In consequence, we successfully performed very-low seismic noise level, attenuated -40dB from ground motion.Key Words : Gravitational wave, Displacement-noise Free Interferometer, Active vibration isolation

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