Departmental Bulletin Paper 効率的な心拍 Life log用標準フォーマットの提案 用

永井, 秀直

This paper discusses the importance of having the common data format for the long term ECG data recordings aiming at establishing the ECG life log standard. Based on ISHNE Holter standard output file format, an efficient data representation method is developed. The header divided into two blocks, i.e. the fixed and variable size parameter blocks. Fixed block includes common information of the subjects subjects’ age, sex, etc.). The variable-size block is for some additional information for the users. The annotated RR interval segment is the main part of the data file. Each 16-bit data unit consists of 4-bit annotation and 12-bit RR intervals. For the efficient waveform data storing, waveform amplitude differences are stored. Proposed data format needs average 32MB in case of recording ECG data for 24 hour. The data standardization will be a key element to realize the ubiquitous health care systems.Key Words: Holter ECG, Biomedical and Health Informatics, Health Informatics - Personal health record, Health Informatics - Electronic health record, ECG life log

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