Departmental Bulletin Paper 長時間心電図データに基づく T 波オルタナンス 解析による心臓突然死リスク評価

塩原, 理仁

This paper proposes a method of cardiac risk assessment based on a long-term ECG records.The risk assessment is important because the sudden cardiac death is the major cause ofdeath worldwide. It has been reported that the annual number of death is 20,000-30,000 inJapan and 300,000 in the U.S. The common known indices such as QT/ST length are derivedfrom a short-term ECG record at the clinical laboratory in the hospital. It is preferable ifthey are obtained from the ECG data in daily life using IoT or wearable device. In thisresearch direction indices based on the long-term Holter ECG record has been proposed.This paper focuses the use of T-wave alternans estimated from 24 hour Holter ECG recordfor the cardia risk assessment. The new risk index named T-wave alternans percentile hasbeen defined and its usefulness has been examined. The robustness against the recordingartifact is an important feature for the system utilized in noisy daily environment. It hasbeen shown that the new index is robust in classifying the different risk patient groups and control subjects.Keywords: Cardiac risk assessment, T-wave alternans, Holter ECG record, singular valuedecomposition

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