Departmental Bulletin Paper フォトンカウンティング形 X 線 CT を用いた 特異値分解法による原子密度推定

伊藤, 諒

In the treatment planning of a heavy ion radiation therapy, an accurate density distribution of each atom in a human body is required. However, it is very difficult to obtain this distribution, and so the distribution of the electron density is estimated with the x-ray CT number of an electron density phantom. The purpose of our research is to measure the density distribution of a specified atom in compounds in a human body. The paper proposed a new method to obtain the density distribution of an atom with the singular value decomposition method using a photon counting detector. We conducted simulations using some phantomsthat were composed of several materials, and we calculated the density distribution of atoms. The simulation results of a phantomcomposed of several materials showed the feasibility of our proposed method.Key Words : X-ray CT, Photon Counting, Atomic Density, Singular Value Decomposition

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