Departmental Bulletin Paper 視覚情報のみを用いた衝突回避システムの提案と複数移動 体への応用

山口, 慧

In recently year, Autonomous control of vehicles has attracted considerable attention. Especially, the collision avoidance system of vehicle has become an important topic in this field of research around the world.But, in conventional studies, the controlled vehicle must calculate the movement of other surrounding vehiclesin order to avoid the collision, requiring huge computational costs. In this paper, I notice animal behavior in order to applicate the collision avoidance to multiple objects. They reduce omputational costs of their brain by utilize the properties of their environment, basing their intelligent behaviors on simple strategies. I focus on these strategies, such as the tau-margin and binocular parallax. In this paper, I propose the collision avoidance system using only visual information and present simulation results that were conducted in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of this method. It is important to note that proposed collision avoidance system are realized using only visual information without high accuracy sencor and high spec computer.Key Words : tau-margin, collision avoidance, visual information, binocular parallax

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