Departmental Bulletin Paper 量子化誤差と製造誤差による素子バラツキの影響を 低減させた高精度マルチコイルモータの実現

松尾, 遥

For the high precision driving, a multi-coil-motor (MCM) driven by digital-direct-drive-technology has been proposed. However, it is not suitable for driving MCM, since this digital-direct-drive-technology aims driving of speaker. This paper proposes two methods for a high precision driving. First method is ahoneycomb-structured space vector delta-sigma modulation which can realize a multilevel quantization on a rotating coordinate system. Second method is a full-search dynamic three-phase multi-coil-motor matching which can reduce the influence of variations of a manufacturing of stator coils.Key Words : Realization of high precision motor, Reduction of torque ripple, Reduction of quantizationerror, Reduce the influence of element variations, Multi-Coil-Motor, Space vector modulation

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