Departmental Bulletin Paper MOCVD 法により形成した CeO2-SiO2複合酸化物薄膜の特性

古矢, 智也

The compound oxide was deposited on p-type Si (100) substrates by pyrolytic MOCVD with the intermittent introduction of TEOS (TetraEthoxyOrthoSilicate) for 10 sec every 3, 5, or 10 min. No SiO2 interfacial layer was observed in the sample with TEOS introduction for 10 sec per 3 min. The amount of Si in the film with TEOS introduction for 10 sec per 3 min was higher than other sample. Cerium silicate formation in the film prepared with TEOS introduction was confirmed. The leakage current density was attributed to the band gap of the film. The relative dielectric constant ranged between 16.6 and 21.6 depending on the TEOS introductioninterval.Key Words : high-k, MOCVD, CeO2, SiO2

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