Departmental Bulletin Paper プロトン照射及び Mg イオン注入 GaN の 格子変位に関する研究

西片, 直樹

The proton irradiation (peak Concentration: 1.0 × 1015 cm-2) into GaN bulk is performed using a 500 keV implanter. The hydrogen concentration at ~250 nm is ~5.8 × 1013 cm-2, ~1.2 × 1014 cm-2 , ~8.1 × 1013 cm-2, for un-irradiated, as-irradiated and 200℃ annealed samples, respectively. The displacement concentration of N islarger than that of Ga, suggesting the presence of N interstitial (Ni) related to proton-irradiation. Mg-ionimplantation into GaN single crystal wafer is performed with energies of 30 keV (ion fluence: 3.5 × 1014 cm-2 )and 60 keV (6.5 × 1014 cm-2 ) at room temperature. VGa, VN and Ni is introduced in Mg-ion implanted GaN.Key Words :GaN, Proton irradiation, Mg-ion implantation, Rutherford backscattering

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